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50 New Shekels

Portrait: Shaul Tchernichovsky
Dominant color: Green
Size: 136 × 71 mm
Design of front: A portrait of the poet against the background of a citrus tree with fruits.
Design of back: A Corinthian style column and lines from Shaul Tchernichovsky’s poem “I Believe”.
Feature for the blind: Two pairs of lines located in the lower margin of the banknote, on the left and right hand sides.
Date of issue: September, 2014.
Designer: Osnat Eshel.

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Shaul Tchernichovsky

Shaul Tchernichovsky (1875-1943), was one of the greatest Hebrew poets of the first half of the 20th century, as well as a translator and a doctor. He was born near the Ukraine border and immigrated to the Land of Israel in 1931. He studied medicine, and after his graduation—and for the rest of his life—combined his work as a doctor and his work as a poet.

Tchernichovsky’s poetry is prolific and diverse, and blends influences of both Jewish and world culture. In his work he was influenced by landscapes of his native country, Greek culture, the land of Israel and the bible. Poems like “I Believe”, “They Say There is a Country” and “Oh, My Land, My Birthplace” reflect his relation to Zionism, the Jewish people and the land of Israel. These poems, like many others such as “I Have a Garden”, “Lily of Wonders” and “I Don’t Love Her” were composed and performed by some of the best Hebrew composers and performers. Tchernichovsky was also known as an excellent translator and was responsible for the translation into Hebrew of classical masterpieces.

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