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Information on replacing banknotes

Important to know!

The current series of banknotes (Series B of the New Shekel) will continue to be legal tender for several additional years. As these banknotes reach the Bank of Israel, they will be gradually replaced with the banknotes of the new series (Series C of the New Shekel).

Through the media, the Bank of Israel will provide the public with detailed instructions regarding the last date for replacing old banknotes, and a long period of several years will be provided in which to replace old banknotes with new ones.

The Currency Department

The Currency Department is prepared to replace current series banknotes (Series B of the New Shekel) at the public counters of the Bank of Israel: 2 Eliezer Kaplan Street, Kiryat Ben Gurion (near the Office of the Prime Minister), Jerusalem.

Service is provided by appointment and is free of charge
Sun.–Thu. between 8:00 and 13:00
Phone (counters): 02-655-2847